Custom sliding drawer box

Custom sliding drawer box is one of popular rigid box style. It is made of rigid cardboard, and it has been called different name from different countries, it can be called drawer gift box, slide rigid box, rigid drawer box and sliding drawer gift box. Now let’s introduce the customized parts for this sliding drawer box so you can know more about this box styles rigid gift box packaging.

Custom sliding drawer box with 5 different pull ways.
1.Custom sliding drawer box with ribbon pull handle.
For sliding gift drawer box, we normally pull it from the short side, ribbon pull is the most popular pull way. you can choose different color ribbon to match the drawer box, also the ribbon pull width can be customized. You can ask us use the closest ribbon color to match the box color, we can try to find it to match.

2.Custom sliding drawer box with metal pull handle.
We can also use metal pull for the rigid sliding drawer box, but normally we can only find stock metal model on the market because if need customized the metal handle, the mold cost will be very high. we have silver, black, white colors in stock, if you choose this option, just send us metal handle pictures, we will try to find similar one for you. This is also a popular pull style for rigid drawer gift packaging

3.Custom sliding drawer box with rope pull.
You can choose rope pull handle too for your custom sliding drawer box, a similar rope color as your box is also a good option for your packaging, the rope thickness we can choose it as per the gift box size. That’s a customized point to make you gift packaging box looks different from others.

4.Custom sliding drawer box with thumbnail cutouts pull.
If you don’t like an extra part of pull (like a ribbon, rope or sleeve), to easy pull the inside drawer out, we can cut a thumbnail on the inside drawer instead. But if you choose this pull way, you need consider the cut position the gray board will be exposed on the edge cut, if you can’t accept it, then we suggest you choose other pull way options. Also, in this pull way, the box can’t seal completely especially on the thumbnail position, there’s a small gap. If you can accept these 2 points, then this pull way is a good choose for sliding drawer gift packaging.

5.Custom sliding rigid drawer box with cardstock sleeve.
This style of sliding drawer box without any pull, but the sleeve can be slide open in two sides, you can call it a match box style, this is the most cost-effective way for sliding drawer box, because the sleeve is made of thin cardstock instead of rigid chipboard. the sleeve can be glued by machinery, for rigid sleeve, it takes much labor hour, so if you like sliding drawer gift packaging but above pull style you think the cost is too high, you may can try this two sides opening sleeve sliding drawer box style.

Custom sliding rigid drawer box with PVC window on top.
If you want customer can see your products before opening the box, we can add a PVC window on our sliding drawer gift packaging, window size can be customized as per your product showing size, but we need at least 2cm space to the box edge ensure PVC window glue sturdy on the sliding drawer box. We can also silk screen printing your logo on PVC window.

Custom sliding rigid drawer box with different inserts.
To make sure your products don’t move when putting into sliding drawer box packaging, we usually need make an insert to hold them. Insert can choose EVA foam, vacuum forming blister/ plastic inserts, paper inserts, fabric wrapped insert, silk cloth insert, shredded paper insert, paper sleeve, ribbon etc.

Custom sliding rigid drawer box with full color printing.
We can also print any color as per your artwork for box outside and inside, just send us your artwork you will get the color you want.

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