Custom rigid magnetic box

What’s rigid magnetic box? It is a book shaped box with magnetic closure. That’s a way to close a box, this kind of rigid box we called rigid magnetic box. We can choose keep the rigid magnetic box in white or print full color on it, also the box inside can be printed or without printing. There’re 4 different closure ways for rigid magnetic box style.

1.Custom rigid magnetic box with top flap fully covered box front panel.
This is the regular closure way for rigid magnetic box, it looks like a book when box closed, so we also call it book shaped rigid box. We can also make the top flap ends halfway of front box and the other sides of flap board stretch to the box bottom. you can see there’re two pieces flaps (top flap and bottom flap), this type of closure way usually used for tall magnetic box so makes the box easy to open. Custom rigid magnetic box with flap ends at halfway of front box.

Custom rigid magnetic box with flap fully covered box front panel.

2.Custom rigid magnetic box with triangular shaped flap, flap can be fully covered front box or halfway covered front box.
This type of closure way usually used for small magnetic box, it usually only use one piece strong magnets at the middle of the flap to close box. For the triangular shape, we can also customized shape as customer requirements.

3.Custom rigid magnetic box with ribbon pull.
When the magnetic box is very short and we’d better make the flap full covered front box to look nice, however the box is hard to open as it is too short, in this case we usually suggest customer glue a ribbon pull at the middle of flap. That’s very convenient to open the box after have ribbon pull.

4. Custom rigid magnetic box flap back un-glued.
When we want the flap can be flip backward to the floor/desk or lay down flatly, then we can make the back flap not glued on the inner box, the type of closure way usually used for a smaller magnetic box.

Custom rigid magnetic box with inserts.

Same as telescoping rigid box, sliding drawer box, rigid magnetic box can be also add different inserts to keep your products from shaking. Insert can choose EVA foam, vacuum forming blister/ plastic vac insert, paper inserts, fabric wrapped insert, silk cloth insert, shredded paper insert, paper sleeve, ribbon etc.

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