Custom collapsible rigid box

When we need customize a packaging for our large volume products, we need consider packaging box shipping volume to save shipping cost. Custom collapsible rigid box/folding magnetic box is the best option to solve your concern. There’re 5 different types for collapsible folding rigid box.

1.Custom collapsible folding rigid box, inner box 4 corners with double-sided adhesive tape.
This is the normal and cost-effective way for collapsible folding gift box. Customer need peel off the back paper of double-sided adhesive tape and assemble box by their end. You don’t need worry about how to assemble it because that’s quite simple. 

2.Custom collapsible folding gift box, inner box is made of cardstock with double-sided adhesive tape glue on back cardstock.
Customer requires make this type collapsible gift box, it is usually used for packing products in large volume but it is light. This type gift box takes more labor hour than the first type, but box will be lighter than the first one. The box itself cost is expensive than the first type, customer had better take all cost into consideration then decide if choose this type.

3.Custom folding rigid gift box, inner box four corners with magnets.
If you want folding rigid gift box be reusable and can store box flatly, we can change double-sided adhesive tape to magnets, this type of collapsible folding rigid box looks more luxury and easy to be assembled even though the cost a little higher than with double-sided adhesive tape gift box.

4.Custom folding rigid gift box with two closure boards.
If you don’t want use magnets and tape for box four corners, we can use two gray boards instead.

5.Custom foldable rigid gift box, inner box four corners with magnets, flap with ribbon closure.
If you don’t like any magnets for box packaging, we can change magnets to ribbon, ribbon color we can use similar color as the box color. That’s the popular closure way too for collapsible rigid gift box packaging.

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