Why my custom gift boxes packaging have so many grey blotches?

Time : 2020-08-13

Some customers ask us they ordered some boxes from other packaging printer, but when they got boxes, they found there’re many blotches on their boxes, they think this is quality issue, these grey blotches not only looks not nice, some boxes with many grey blotches even can’t be used for packing. And then they send below picture to us check details.

After checked above picture, we clear know that what problem it is to cause the grey blotches. And we inform them, this is caused by craft problem, if you choice us to print your custom boxes, it won’t have this problem. The reason why boxes have some many grey blotches is because this printer has quality issues when do film lamination. They used bad quality film to do film lamination. This kind of film with cheap price and easy to cause grey blotches problems. And also, this printer has other process issue when do film lamination, this is also one of reason to cause this case.

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