Production procedures of custom adhesive labels stickers

Time : 2020-07-28

Some our clients are curious about the production procedures of our custom adhesive labels stickers, as a label printer, we would love to share with customers and learn more about how to get a customize labels stickers.

Firstly, we shall decide to choice which printing press to print your custom labels. If for small orders, we shall print labels stickers by HP digital printing press to save printing cost. This printing machine is very flexible and minimum order quantity can be lower to 500pcs or less (price shall be a little higher if quantity too less), this machine like a printer don’t have printing set up charges. For large quantity orders, we shall print by our labels rotary printing press, rotary printing machine with high printing set up charges, but the printing color more vivid compared with HP digital printing machine. Also, color adjustment range larger than digital printing press. After finished printing, if labels request to do surface finish such as glossy/matte lamination, stamping, UV coating etc, we shall start to this procedure, some labels are requested to without any surface finish that’s also available. Common surface finish is glossy/matte lamination.

Next we shall die cut labels stickers, for sticker sheet (one sheet including many small stickers) we shall die cut by our digital die cutting machine, this type machine we no need make die cutting mould so it is very convenient and cheap compared with traditional die cutting. We called it Kiss cut die cutting (kiss cut labels stickers); For rolled labels stickers & individual die cut labels stickers, we use traditional die cutting mould to make, as these kinds orders with large quantity, so die cutting mould cost will be covered by piece, so unit price will be not high, you can rest assured.

Thirdly, we shall do inspection and check quality for our printed labels stickers. After inspection, we shall pack them carefully and ensure they won’t be damaged when shipping. Finally, we shall ship labels stickers to you, you can choice ship them via air and via sea as your request.

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