Custom printed cardboard red & white wine & spirits tubes packaging

Time : 2020-07-24

Regarding to wine products, to make custom wine packaging firstly we need consider protect wines from damage when transportation and display. Secondly, as wine products are high-end consumer goods, so when make custom wine packaging, we need choice a luxury packaging to show consumers wine’s value.

EPC package as a custom packaging & printing company & printer, as per our experience in printing industry, we think custom printed cardboard wine tubes packaging style is the best choice for wine products packaging.

To avoid wine moving when transportation, we can add foam tray &blister tray at the bottom of wine tubes to solve this concern. Meanwhile, we can use different cover paper with custom printing pattern and high grade surface finish so make wine tube packaging looks more luxury.

Custom printed high quality kraft paper cardboard red & white wine & spirits cylinder tubes packaging

Customer only need provide wine bottle size and inform us what effect they want the wine packaging looks like then we can give our professional advice for your custom wine cylinder tube packaging. And also, we also provide custom wine labels stickers printing service.

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