Custom removable labels stickers

Time : 2020-07-23

Custom removable labels stickers also been called eco-labels stickers, environmental labels stickers, eco-friendly and recycled adhesive labels stickers, removable traceless n times paste labels stickers, durable removable labels stickers, when you peel off labels, they keep intact and glue won’t be left on products and can be pasted on other products for reuse.

Custom removable paper & vinyl & plastic & film adhesive labels stickers

Removable labels stickers are divided into 2 types according to different material. There’re paper removable labels stickers and film & plastic removable labels stickers. Paper removable labels stickers are widely used for supermarket occasion such as promotional removable labels stickers, removable price labels stickers, products barcode removable labels stickers, shipping labels stickers and so on; Film & plastic &vinyl removable labels stickers are used for electronic products, cell phones, battery, chemical products, outdoor advertising, car accessories, woven goods surface pasting.

This kind of label sticker can be peeled off any time, also can be kept in long time. They including TV screen removable label stickers, microwave removable labels stickers, electric iron removable labels stickers, sunglasses removable labels stickers, refrigerator promotional removable labels stickers, washing machine promotional removable labels stickers, commodity sealing removable adhesive labels stickers, removable wall stickers, textile products removable adhesive labels stickers, office supplies removable special adhesive labels stickers( file folder labels stickers, book labeling stickers), supermarket promotional decoration removable adhesive labels stickers etc.

If you enquiry this kind of labels, please describe their features so we can know you are looking for removable labels stickers and ensure we offer you correct labels styles you need.

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